Meditating for Learning: Why is Burt Goldman in the Photography Hall of Fame?

Due to overwhelming response to our previous video of Burt Goldman, we’ve managed to speak to the producer of these videos to share with us a few more insights into the beautiful mind of our favorite American Monk.

Here’s a great video taken from his recent seminar in Anaheim California:

Think your an old dog that can’t learn new tricks?

Think again.

Burt Goldman, The American Monk, describes a method on how anyone can use meditation techniques to learn a new skill and discover inspiring insights.

Burt used this technique to develop a new style of photography that has been inducted at the International Photography Hall of Fame, in Oklahoma.

He’s somehow has a new relationship with age that allows him to transcend the belief that we can’t learn new skills once we grow older.


Here’s the proof:

Here’s a sampling of the photographs featured at the International Photography Hall of Fame created from the techniques described in the video:

Eifel Tower:

eifel tower.jpg



Grafton Street:


To view more of the amazing artwork, skills, and photographs that he’s developed from this incredible technique – head on down to his personal gallery.

If your interested in finding out how you can use meditation to learn rapidly and pick up new skills, click on:

Age is NO longer an excuse NOT to learn!

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8 Responses to “Meditating for Learning: Why is Burt Goldman in the Photography Hall of Fame?”

  1. Ray says:

    Although I have QuickTime I cannot seem to ever get Burts recordings/videos to come up ??
    Advise/help ?

  2. Brian says:

    Fascinating stuff! My philosophy has long been when you stop learning and growing you start dying, and this fits in nicely with that concept.

    Now I want to go out and take some pictures! :)

  3. sanjay kumar says:

    It,s really encouraging and worth adopting in my life.

  4. wilis says:

    it’s just called having an imagination. If thats strong it lasts a lifetime. it’s not that great a concept though, just take it into photoshop and merge them all, you’d have a better result. People have been doing that for years

  5. carlos says:

    im so happy to get this e-mail mews, because my life change and used every days!! tanks for you attention to my self. god bless you!!!

  6. prashant malik says:

    Learning meditation is my passion and burt goldman has given me a wonderful gift .He has changed my life, my way of thinking and my attitude towards my life.
    thank oyu

  7. HealingMindN says:

    The photography is fascinating work. The pictures are taken as if they are part of a giant puzzle. We can almost see the world how Burt sees it: as an integral flow of robust fractals encapsulated within the confines of a photograph; it’s as if each photograph tells its own story, but its part of a bigger story.

  8. Heather Walker says:


    Author Sharon Begley writes of the brain’s neueroplasticity in her book TRAIN YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BRAIN. Neuroscience has determined that not only can the brain learn new tricks, but it can also change its structure and function even in old age (BY THE WAY YOU LOOK AWESOME FOR 80!!)

    Mental practice results in reorganization of the brain. Mental training has the power to change the physical structure of the brain which is good news for me because I have had structural changes in the brain and I am hoping that what you have to teach me and others, I can rewire my own brain. Sharon states that the first discoveries of neuroplasticity comes from studies of how changes in the messages that the brain receives through the senses can ALTER its structure and function,

    It has been determined that the brain’s emotional regions seem to become stronger with more years of meditation practice, as if the brain forges more robust connections between thinking and feeling.

    So keep on doing what you are doing Burt and encouraging others to do the same – the best years are ahead.

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